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Circle Case Management’s panel of experts, including medical experts, are available to provide witness reports in the UK and across Europe.

To make an enquiry or request a C.V please contact or call 01297 24145

We pride ourselves on providing experienced professionals with excellent communication skills who can listen to the client and use their in-depth knowledge to prepare high quality reports with realistic recommendations for the client’s future.

Our Expert Witnesses are still practising within their profession – this enables them to provide an accurate and clinically correct and up to date reports.

We produce medico-legal expert witness reports for the court, following instruction from either claimant or defendant solicitors. These reports are produced following a remote or a face-to-face assessment. 

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Our team of experts can provide the following expert reports

Care needs expert witness

Occupational therapy expert witness

Vocational Rehabilitation expert witness

Loss of services expert witness

Continuing health care expert witness/CHC expert witness

Vocational rehabilitation expert witness

Speech and language expert witness/SALT expert witness

Mental health expert witness

Expert Witness Services FAQs

What is an Expert Witness?

The role of an Expert Witness is to give their independent expert opinion for the court based on the information provided to them.

An Expert Witness is someone with experience and knowledge in a particular field or industry, with a deeper expertise and understanding of that subject than the average person.

The duty of the Expert Witness is to provide an impartial opinion to the court or tribunal on matters within their expertise which are being disputed.

The court must give permission for an Expert Witness to provide evidence.

What is an INA?

Circle Case Management offer Immediate Needs Assessment under the 2015 Rehabilitation code either via a face to face meeting or remotely via video call. 

An Immediate Needs Assessment, also known as an INA, is a detailed report style document which is produced following an interview between one of our specialist case managers and an injured person. 

The purpose of this document is to gather information about the impact of injury on a person’s life including, but not limited to, personal care, social aspects, transport, education, and employment. An INA will provide detailed rehabilitation goals and costings for a set period of time. These are used to provide a road map which the case manager will use to work with the injured person.

Do you provide Medical Experts?

Our expert witness panel is continuously growing and alongside our partnerships with UKExpertMedical and SL Therapies London, we are looking to expand and offer medical experts soon.  

What is the turn around time for an Expert Witness Report?

We aim to provide your report to you within 12 weeks. There will be times that this time frame can be extended or decreased, dependent on the case, availability of the Expert, client and any other parties that are involved within the report, as well as ease of gathering information and data for the case. 

What is the claimant / defendant ratio within your department? 

We are able to provide Expert Witness reports for both claimant and defendant solicitors and will always be open and honest about any conflict of interests before we are instructed. 

What Experts do you have available?

We host a variety of professions within our internal Expert Witness Panel, as well as partnerships with UKExpertMedical and SL Therapies London; offering a wider variety of Experts for your case. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Circle Case Management offer Expert Witness reports throughout the U.K. We have bi-lingual and culturally aware Expert Witnesses that can assist with international clients. 

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