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Launch your own case management business with our full help, training and support.

Join a fast growing leading brand

Maximise the value of your current client base

100% Government Backed Funding

Intensive High Quality Training

Effective In house marketing

Getting started

Who is the franchise for?

We expect that you will already have most of the skills and aptitude required as a case manager allowing you to easily profit from your background without the restrictions set by a fixed salary. Being a Circle Case Management franchisee owning your own local area gives you valuable security because rather than competing with other case managers we all work together with sole responsibility for all business within our own regions.

Is it right for you?

As a franchise owner you should be comfortable receiving instructions to assist those who might have suffered a serious injury, such as a brain or spinal injury. The effects of the injury are often complex and wide-ranging, and a great deal of support is often required to aid the person’s recovery and give them the best quality of life.

As one of our case managers you’ll know the key considerations such as identifying all the support services required and know how to manage the emotions of the injured person and their family.

It’s why many solicitors refer their serious injury clients to us, because we have the knowledge and experience required to get them the support they need.

We’ll help you to fill any skill gaps you might have, fully support you as you build on your knowledge and work towards full CQC accreditation which we see as an important validation of the service we provide.

If you are currently an employed case manager then a Circle Case Management Franchise allows you to more fully monetise your role rather than being paid a small percentage of the value. We have everything you need to seamlessly transition from your employed position to running your own franchise.

You’ll also be working with similarly minded entrepreneurial case managers, all working the same way with common goals and shared best practice. Self employment gives you more flexibility, a higher income potential and above all else a satisfaction level that far exceeds the contentment of a job well done for someone else.

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You + Circle Case Management = An unrivalled franchise!

Training & Support

As a new franchisee we recognise that you will need a lot of attention and support, particularly in the early days.

Circle Case Management’s team have designed a training programme that combines industry specific skills and know how matched to the small business skills that you require. You’ll need to be receptive to learning new skills and embracing the latest methods of operation, and in a short period of time you’ll be at the forefront of modern case management.

Within the team at Head Office are HR experts who can become an extension of your franchise assisting you with most of your HR requirements. 

When you start as a new franchisee we will take you through a specific training programme over a 5 day period which covers all the facets of running a successful case management franchise.

Day 1 is all about marketing, networking and becoming a key person of influence in your area. The next day covers HR and the recruitment of your team and support workers. Later in the week you’ll gain practical experience working with a CQC registered manager which is a standard that you too will work towards as a franchise owner and by the end of the week you’ll have learnt new small business skills and spent time with our Clinical Director learning our KPI’s and relevant management data.

A team of dedicated suppliers have also been assembled to work alongside you and provide additional success elements ranging from accountancy services, to software, business coaching and making the most of your case management business within a franchised environment.

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Why Franchising Works

Over 95% of franchises reporting profitability

Franchising is proven to be the most successful route into self employment with the annual Natwest / British Franchise Association survey.

50% of non-franchised businesses bust within 2 years

According to the annual Natwest / British Franchise Association survey.

Why take a risk on a new venture when franchising offers such a low risk route to success?

Companies who offer franchises have the secret sauce to success because all successful businesses have gone through their learning curve before franchising. When you invest in a franchise you are also getting priceless mentoring and training on exactly how to turn your knowledge into revenue because knowledge of case management on it’s own isn’t enough to create a profit. Customers need a lot more than your knowledge they want to transact with a fully fledged established business and that’s what you’ll be when you join Circle Case Management.

An often overlooked benefit of franchising is that franchisees working together is the camaraderie of working together under the same brand. It can be a lonely existence running an independent business but in franchising you’ll be part of a family of owners who motivate each other because of this many previously employed people choose franchises over any other form of business ownership.

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There is a togetherness in franchised networks that simply doesn’t exist in other forms of self employment

The Rewards

As an associate case manager working through a company or agency you are likely to be earning less than half of the hourly rate charged for case management. 

As a franchisee you will be able to significantly increase this amount and once you start trading your development plan will see you recruiting your own associates and admin staff to work with you.

This is why we expect that a Circle Case Management franchisee should generate profits of over £160,000 once the franchise is fully optimised.

Furthermore, you will of course be working for yourself developing and growing your own business making your franchise a valuable asset that you can sell on at a future date.

Additionally, thanks to entrepreneurs relief you will only be taxed at an effective rate of 10% on the sale which means a franchise selling at 2x it’s net profit might fetch almost £300,000 after tax.

Get started

Start Up Loans & Support to Start Your Business

No applications

For businesses < 3 years

6% fixed interest rate

3-5 years loan term

Borrow up to £25,000

No early repayment fee

Funding Your Franchise

We have a pre arranged application with a specialist funding partner who can apply for you to the British Business Bank for a government backed business start-up loan. This is totally unsecured which means your assets are always safe and at a low interest rate of only 6%. There are no admin fees and you can pay the loan back without penalty at any time.

This loan applies for new limited companies under three years old and we would recommend a new limited company for this franchise.

The franchise fee of £17,500 can be financed at £338 per month without the need for any security or guarantees!

This means that the franchise fee is covered by invoicing less than 3 hours per month!

You can start from a home office but quite soon you will need business premises as you will likely need staff within the first 6 months.

Costs you should consider include a few hundred pounds per month on local marketing and networking, CRM and software expenses and a royalty to Head Office. Allowing for all expenses a franchisee trading to expectations should net over £100,000 in their first year growing to £160,000+ thereafter.

We are happy to assist you with a business plan to financially model the business around your personal circumstances.

All training costs and unlimited ongoing support are included with the franchise fees.

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Your Own Exclusive Territory

Working together and respecting each others local region means we will give every franchisee their own exclusive trading region which means all cases in that region are automatically assigned to you.

Based around 500,000 people and within a couple of hours driving time means that your franchise can scale up to a significant sized business without having to worry about the restrictions that some franchise companies have in place. We want our franchisees to run profitable businesses and with your commitment and our support that is what you will get.

Each territory is carefully defined using census data and complete postcode boundaries and all territories have been created using data from our existing trading regions around the UK which means we are basing territory sizes on actual experience and proven data.

Please check that your area is available by contacting us because we will only ever have one franchisee in each region.

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