Mental Capacity Assessments

Dr Abi Cheeseman Psychology Expert Witness

Dr. Abi Cheeseman, Clinical Psychologist, leads the Mental Capacity Assessment service, available throughout England and Wales. 

Dr. Cheesman's team offer a range of Mental Capacity Assessments and can complete COP3 documentation and provide full written reports of the assessment and outcome. We can also provide retrospective assessments of mental capacity.

To discuss your requirements please email or call 01297 24145. 

We can offer assessments to: 

  • Property & Financial Affairs
  • Equity Release
  • Gifting
  • Testamentary capacity
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (incl. certificate provider)
  • Litigation
  • Capacity to plead and stand trial
  • Health & Welfare Decisions
  • Medical treatment
  • Use of internet & social media
  • Marriage
  • Sexual Relations

Have a query that is not on this list? Please contact us to discuss your requirements: Email Call: 0129724145

Mental Capacity Assessment Team

Our multi-disciplinary Mental Capacity team led by Dr Abi Cheeseman can deliver capacity assessments for adults and children, on time and within your budget', across England and Wales.

Dr Abi Cheeseman Clinical Psychology Neuro

Dr Abi Cheeseman

Clinical Psychologist Neuro

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Caroline Lewis Occupational Therapist

Caroline Lewis

Occupational Therapist

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Donna Henry RGN Mental Health

Donna Henry

RGN Mental Health

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Debbie Wilson Speech and Language Therapist Neuro

Nicky Ryder

Occupational Therapist

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Jane Heaton RGN Mental Health

Eleanor Tallon

Social Worker

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Dr Kiran Chohan Clinical Psychology Neuro

Dr Kiran Chohan

Clinical Pyschologist Neuro

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Bola Popoola RGN Mental Health

Bola Popoola

RGN Mental Health 

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Louise Creelman RGN Specialist Nurse

Hazel Clerkin

Occupational Therapist

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Rita Ricketts-Arthur RGN Mental Health

Rita Ricketts-Arthur

RGN Mental Health 

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Bola Popoola RGN Mental Health

Kass Pullan

Social Worker

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Mental Capacity Assessments FAQs

What is a Mental Capacity Assessment?

A mental capacity assessment is requested when there is uncertainty about an individual’s ability to make their own fully informed, balanced decisions about a particular aspect of their life. In England and Wales, mental capacity assessments apply to adults aged 16 and over.

A mental capacity assessment should follow the legislation and code of practice and provide a clear record of whether the person has capacity for the decision, and if they do not, why this is the case.

Why do you need a Mental Capacity Assessment?

At its heart, the Mental Capacity Act is all about protecting our rights to make our own choices and decisions, and to safeguard against abuse and improper treatment if and when we are no longer able to do so.

The law states that we must start on the basis that the person has capacity. The need for a mental capacity assessment is triggered when there is a concern that the person may not be able to fully understand & process the information that is related to the decision they are making, and/or they are unable to communicate their decision.

What is the Mental Capacity Act?

The Mental Capacity Act, also known as an MCA, is a Code of practice that provides guidance for decisions made under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It is a legal act that empowers and protects anybody that may lack capacity to make decisions about their own daily living, care and treatment. The act applies to anyone over the age of 16.

The Mental Capacity Act includes decisions regarding the person’s daily living such as shopping, care and finances as well as decisions that are life altering such as surgery, marriage or living arrangements.

Do you have any brain injury specialists?

Yes. Our Case Managers are members of CMSUK and BABICM and actively work with acquired brain injury clients and traumatic brain injury clients, also known as ABI and TBI.

Do you have any Care Experts?

Yes. Our panel of Experts cover Occupational Therapy, Care, CHC – Continuing Health Care, Loss of Services, Speech and Language, Mental Health, Psychology and Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Kirsten Rowe
MCA Technical Team Manager
01297 241 45 ext: 202

Dr Abi Cheeseman
Clinical Psychologist and Service Lead
07908 730 155 OR: 01297 241 45 ext: 213

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