Are you an "Active" Solicitor?

Are you an “Active” Solicitor?

We talk to Senior Case Manager Diane Magrane, as she shares her experience of dealing with Solicitors that are actively involved throughout the client’s case and why that is so important for the client and the case.

Why is an “Active” Solicitor important?

“As a Case Manager we have to deal with many challenging situations. The nature of our work means that the clients’ needs are complex and for some clients and families this is overwhelms them and they struggle to cope. Clients and parents face huge uncertainty when going through the litigation process and they may be unsure of what help they can have and how long this will last for.”

Why is this important for the case?

“Joint planning meeting and budget meetings between the Case Manager and Solicitor / Deputy are so helpful to address the points above.  This forum allows for the Case Manager to clearly communicate the rehabilitation needs and goals. Costs can be anticipated and agreed in advance which allows the rehab to proceed in a timely way. Concerns about clinical treatment can be discussed and treatment options discussed and agreed.”

Why is this important for the client?

“Recently my teenage clients’ Solicitor attended his MDT. This was really helpful for him to see that they were interested in him as person. Their presence lead to a helpful discussion about the litigation process after the meeting; where the Case Manager was able to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with Expert Witness appointments.

It was helpful for the Solicitor to really see the client, how he has matured and the daily challenges he has had to overcome. They had changed considerably since the start of the case when they were much younger.”

What difference can this make to the client?


“The client was able to clearly state his views and be heard. The Solicitor was able to gain an insight into the MDT joint working that was happening to enable the client and family to feel supported. The Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist were able to explain further about pain management strategies and the importance of enabling the client to feel in control.

 This in turn helps the Solicitor build a case for equipment, therapy and leisure activities.”

Posted on November 16th 2021

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