Case Manager Direct Employment Support Worker Success!

Circle Case Management pride ourselves on supporting our clients through every part of their rehabilitation journey. 
For some clients this might incude direct employment of support or care workers. 

Our Direct Employment service encompasses the recruitment, referencing, training and supply of care and support staff. Once in place our direct care specialist will then deal with ongoing professional supervision and management of the care team, including any day-to-day issues which may arise and processing of weekly care logs and timesheets. This is truly a bespoke, specialist service for which our company prides itself as being an industry leader.

Case Manager Mary Tavinor recently recruited a support worker for her client. 
Circle Case Management spoke to Client X, Client X's parent and the newly recruited support worker as they share their thoughts on the process, the invaluable support from their Case Manager and HR service based at our Head Office in Devon. 

Client X's parent was heavily involved in the process of recruiting their new Support Worker Fran.

Support Workers are vital carers for vulnerable individuals and their families. Support Workers provide practical support, such as helping with household tasks, filling out paperwork, administering medication and personal care. They also often provide emotional support, too. So when recruiting a Support Worker, Mary had to ensure that there was a "good" fit with the client's family and family dynamics. 

Involving Client X's parent at every stage was extremely important but how was the process for them? Client X's parent tells Circle Case Management...

·        How has the recruitment process been for you?

        From my point of view, it was easy because Mary took the lead with recruitment, otherwise I can imagine it could be quite stressful. The process took a long time due to covid but Mary changed the plans when needed to make sure we found someone suitable.

·    Do you think Mary made this process easier? 

        Without Mary I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start. It was useful that Mary interviewed the candidates before we met them because she picked up on things I wouldn’t have done.

·How has it been since the support worker started?

        Everything is going better than ever expected! Client X feels comfortable and safe with Fran, and we all feel comfortable with her being there which is amazing. I’ve always felt we are quite a private family, but Fran has fitted in with the family dynamic. 

We all feel able to just get on doing what we would be doing without feeling awkward which was one thing I was a bit worried about but totally the opposite.  

Fran really does encourage Client X's independence but is always there if needed. 

 It’s great as Fran ensures Client X does her physio and keeps track of all her activities and appointments and encourages Client X to remember also. 

As comfortable and relaxed it all is, Fran still maintains her professional side also. It really has lifted a lot of stress and concern knowing Client X is being supported and busy enjoying activities that are therapeutic, fulfilling and enjoyable for her! 

Following on from Client X's Parents feedback, we asked Client X how the recruitment journey has been for them: 

Client X, recruiting a new support worker can be daunting, how did Mary alleviate those fears?

It was helpful to meet people in person. I liked that Mary interviewed them first before they came to meet me.

How did you feel when your new support worker started? 

We just went straight out and started doing stuff. It was a mixture of nervous and excited. 

How do you feel about having a support worker now?

Fran has been such a good friend and she puts up with my sense of humour. 

Have you ever thought about becoming a directly employed Care or Support Worker for a Circle Case Management Client?

Newly recruited Support Worker Fran describes the process and what she thinks of the role.

·        What attracted you to this role?

       When I read the job description it just shouted “me”. It was almost as if the job description was written for me.

·        How easy did you find the recruitment process?

        Nerve wracking but really easy.

·        What was your experience of the virtual interview?

        I found it easier as I was more relaxed in more home having the interview via zoom. It took away the stress of attending an interview in person.

·        Has Mary supported you through this process? 

        Yes. My main concern in this job role was not having a support network around me, but I feel like I have this with Mary’s support.


·        How do you feel about your job now?

        I think I might have the best job in the world! 

To find out more about Circle Case Management's HR and Direct Employment service please visit: 

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If you would like to be considered for a directly employed role for Circle Case Management's Clients visit our Indeed page: 


Posted on November 26th 2021

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