Covid, how has it affected British motorists?

The impact of Covid restrictions on road traffic accidents in 2020.

Personal injury accident statistics on public roads in Great Britain for 2020.

April 2020 was the quietest month on British roads as a national lockdown began at the end of March with a 68% drop. 2020 saw an overall road traffic decline of 21%, compared to 2019, yet had a 46% increase in bicycle traffic, reported by The House of Commons.  This led to a sharp decrease in the overall number of patients admitted to hospital for road traffic injuries in 2020 compared to previous years, except for bicycle casualties which sharply increased. This data also showed a large shift in mode of transport for the public.

Whilst the data shows a decrease in the number of reported road casualties, the data is unlikely to show the start of an ongoing trend as the data has been heavily impacted by the national lockdowns due to the pandemic.

During 2020 they were 1,460 reported road deaths, a 17% decrease compared to 2019.

115,584 reported road casualties, of all severities, a 25% decrease compared to 2019.

Do you think with the increase of people working from home, that the roads will see a decline in motorists?

Do you think that this will lead to a new trend?

Posted on August 22nd 2022

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