Dr. Abi Cheeseman Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Case Manager

Dr. Abi Cheeseman Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Case Manager
Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Case Manager

I have lived in Exeter all of my life, I love Devon! Outside of work you will find me weightlifting or taking part in CrossFit. This Autumn I'll be taking part in a women's only all day charity event, full of mini competitions and CrossFit... wish me luck!

What's your favourite part of the job?

What I love is the personal side to psychology. Understanding the client and how their brain works. What happened? Why did it happen? Then finding the best option for recovery.

Why did you become a Case Manager?

After working alongside Case Managers in my previous roles I become more and more interested in the role. It is a great way for me to fully utilise all of my skills knowledge and expertise to aide clients.

How does your brain work?

I have always been scientifically minded. I am a stickler for details! The more I observe, the more inquisitive I become, the human brain is fascinating!

Did you always want to work in the medical field?

My love of the medical world started at a young age. After school I would walk to the local hospital to see my mother, a nurse in a geriatric ward. I would make friends with the patients whilst taking great interest in their conditions and recovery journeys. I aspired to become part of the medical world from those days.

Why did you become a clinical psychologist?

I have always had a fascination with the human brain, how neurological paths control everything.

Posted by Circle Case Management on July 5th 2019

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