Meet the Panel - Yvonne Spijkerman

Yvonne Spijkerman of Circle Case Management

Transition in to Adulthood

Yvonne Spijkerman began her career in 1996 as an OT, in a specialist rehabilitation unit in The Netherlands with mass success in setting up return to work programs and over 100 adult patients per year completing their rehabilitation.

Since arriving in the UK 17 years ago, Yvonne has worked as a Senior OT in hospitals across London, Hampshire and Dorset as well as specialist neurological rehabilitation centres of excellence.

Applying this experience and expertise, Yvonne became a Senior Case Manager, working predominantly with brain injured children, young adults and their families, in 2007. After 4 years in the role, Yvonne started providing expert witness reports. Her expertise is internationally recognised, with litigation cases as far as America. 

The foundations of knowledge skills and expertise had been laid for Yvonne to start her own Case Management company alongside Pippa Bird and Richard Thorp.

Posted by Circle Case Management on November 26th 2019

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