Regain the Brain.

Tim Richens, brain injury survivor turned presenter, behind Regain the Brain, shows how Vocational Case Managers' Maria Morris' famous catchphrase "Turning tragedy into victory" can be achieved. 

Tim was in the wrong place at the wrong time; leading to a whirlwind of change overnight.

Whilst entering a taxi, Tim was thrown to the floor and knocked unconscious as the taxi driver accelerated away. Thankfully the quick thinking of bystanders ultimately saved Tim's life.

Regain the Brain is the story of accident, recovery and rehabilitation, a first hand account from a brain injury survivor.        An honest, yet light-hearted presentation, Tim is on a mission to educate professionals and inspire other brain injury survivors with the twists and turns of his recovery so far. 

The feedback on Tim's presentations so far have been exceptional. Hailed as thought provoking and informative by professionals and the general public. 

Tim's Vocational Case Manager Maria Morris has every confidence that Tim will continue to progress with both his rehabilitation and his new presenting vocation. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tim over the past few months using my smart vocational rehabilitation approach.

After his head injury sustained many years ago, he wanted to give something back to society as well as regain a purpose and profit for himself.

I am delighted to report Tim has turned his tragedy into a victory.  Something my clients often do.

He is now a leading guest speaker with his own part time self employed business.

Through his online or face to face talks Tim has helped other people with brain injury, memory problems, mental ill health or those feeling fatigued to understand and cope with these issues.   

Not only that he has assisted anyone helping to care or support people experiencing similar difficulties to him to know exactly what it's like and just what's needed.

I highly recommend Tim to anyone as a guest speaker. 

To charities, professionals, solicitors, GP's, support workers, carers or anyone interested.

TR will also give a % of his fee if booked by a charity. 

I am confident anyone else listening to and meeting him would feel just as inspired as I am to hear his amazing story and how well he manages his life now."

. To book Tim to present at your training day, event or conference please visit: Home | My Site (

Posted on July 20th 2022

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