See the hidden me. A solicitors perspective.

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Michelle Cresswell is a Senior Associate Solicitor at CFG Law and has supported many clients and their families who have been affected by mild traumatic brain injuries. Her work involves ensuring clients gain access to early clinical assessment and intervention and putting in place an appropriate treatment plan at the earliest convenience. Subtle brain injuries can often be misdiagnosed or misunderstood, yet the symptoms people can suffer from are far from subtle.

Michelle ensures our clients have access to the support and treatment they need following injury, which can often be difficult to access otherwise.

Action for Brain Injury Week

See the hidden me – a solicitor’s perspective.

The focus for Action for Brain Injury Week 2022, See the hidden me, is such an important topic.

Brain injury can have devastating effects on people's lives, and it is vital that people get access to the rehabilitation and support they require.

I have represented many clients who have sustained mild traumatic brain injuries, and I have seen how these types of injuries are often misunderstood. There is certainly nothing mild about these injuries, but we often see that people find it difficult to get the support and advice that they need.

Brain injury, specifically mild traumatic brain injury, can be described as a hidden disability. There can often be no visible signs of an injury, no bandages or plasters, yet somebody can be suffering life-changing symptoms, including fatigue, confusion, memory problems, headaches and dizziness, and changes in their mood and other psychological symptoms.

It is vital that these symptoms are treated as soon as possible.

Those who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury can find it difficult to understand why they are feeling the way they are, and they can be told that the symptoms will pass, but as time goes by, they continue to feel this way. 

I believe one of the most important things when representing someone who has sustained a mild traumatic brain injury is to listen to how they are feeling and understand how they were before the injury and what has changed for them since.

Listening to family members and close friends who will be able to describe any differences they have noticed is very important, as is ensuring they have access to specialist advice and treatment as soon as possible. 

It is so important to raise awareness of these injuries and the symptoms they can cause, ensuring that people share their experiences to ensure more and more people are getting access to the treatment and support that they require.

This video shows the story of Anna, who sustained a mild traumatic brain injury and shows how this affected her and her family and how having access to treatment has helped get her life back on track.

Click the image to watch Anna's video.

Anna also writes a blog about her experiences of living with a mild traumatic brain injury, which you can read here -

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Posted on May 16th 2022

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