What makes a Solicitor “Good” and why does that matter to your client?

Clint Eastwood The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

To reference the Clint Eastwood western film, is your solicitor The Good, The Bad or The Ugly?

                                                          Or in other words…

What makes a Solicitor “Good” and why does that matter to your client?

The “Good” solicitor

According to vocational research conducted by Circle VCM, apart from legal knowledge, a solicitor needs excellent key  skills in:

Verbal and written communication

Active listening

Complex Problem Solving

Analytical, make good judgements and critical thinking

Being accurate and thorough

Accept criticism and work well under pressure

We would add to this list:

Being approachable, friendly and a “people person.” Understanding and gaining a rapport with your client, Case Manager, or anyone else.

Work well together collaboratively within a team and alone.

Ensure you are adaptable in your approach to each client as a person and not just a case number. Clients are unique. There is no “one size fits all.”

Be responsible, organised, and trustworthy. If you say to your client or Case Manager that you will do something then, do it or explain what the challenges are. Two heads are often better than one, so problem solve together.

Remain open minded. Your Case Manager is highly resourceful and may have creative solutions that “think outside the box” so listen to their suggestions and support them when helping clients.

Be aware that there could be low, or no cost solutions or sometimes upfront costs are initially expensive but save funds in the longer term.

Why be a “Good Solicitor?”

Before we answer that, let’s take a moment to consider the “Bad” and the “Ugly”.

Here’s what some clients, sadly, have told us:

The “Bad”

“I can never get hold of my solicitor, or they take ages to get back to me”

“My solicitor just doesn’t understand me, my symptoms, my stress, my situation or what I need. All they ever think about is wining the case and the litigation costs.”

Or worst-case scenario, feedback from clients such as in the “Ugly” …

“I no longer trust my solicitor”

“I feel like my solicitor is working against me”

“My solicitor is a total waste of my time and money”

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Remember the ways to be a “Good” solicitor?

Here are a few benefits to your clients for being a “good” solicitor…

Our understanding is that statistically a client engaging a solicitor has at least a 50% increased chance of winning a personal injury claim. Which translated means…

·        Improved levels of independence

·        Better quality of life

·        Positive outcomes for the client, friends, family, and society.

·        Plus look at the positive impact for unemployed clients who return to work.

According to the Office National Statistics “in 2021 52.3% of disabled people were in employment, down from 54.1% a year previously”. Unemployment costs around £61billion a year. Or £2,810 for every household in Britain. This impacts on our society in general as well as impacting on the individual leading to debt, ill health, poverty, and potential homelessness.

Let’s have a happier ending…    

You might recall the skills a “Good” solicitor needs. You probably have many of them.

According to CMSUK. Case Management is a collaborative process. Case Managers use skills with assessment, planning, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluating the options and services required to meet a person’s health, social care, educational and employment needs. We use effective communication and all available resources to promote quality cost effective outcomes.

As you can see, Case Managers have more in common with “Good solicitors” than you think. We are here to help you be not just “Good” Solicitors. We want to work with “GREAT” solicitors. Just as you want to work with great Case Managers.

Everyone wins. Not just for the money or litigation case funds.

We mean, real winning, for the client. 

Like supporting general society to be inclusive.

So, together we can work better to enjoy our shared and different skills to gain the BEST outcome for our clients.

Circle Case Management offer free training to the Legal industry - to find out more please email nicola@circlecm.com

Posted on November 9th 2021

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