Tim's story. Action For Brain Injury Week 2022- See the Hidden Me.

Action for Brain Injury Week's theme this year is "See the Hidden Me".

People can make a lot of assumptions, "Well you look ok to me!!! is something I have heard A LOT " Tim explains.

"Just because I drive a car, walk “normally”, speak reasonably well, and act like other men of my age!! "

Brain injuries don't come with a visible aid, a special plaster or a flashing neon sign that states - I have a brain injury. So Tim has faced a lot of assumptions, which in its self is a major challenge for survivors of brain injuries and can be incredibly frustrating. 

We asked Tim to explain why those assumptions could upset a survivor. "The million dollar question!!! Why? Because “I’m a human being in my own right and not just someone who fits the criteria of “normal” in society” it’s the assumption that does my head in!!" So is there any advice you would share Tim? “You don’t know what’s going on in other peoples lives” is such a truism!" 
See the Hidden Me. 

Tim Richens
My journey from accident to recovery (almost!).

I went out for a night out, wrong place at the wrong time, spent several days in a coma, a few more weeks in hospital and many years trying to recover - listen to the story of my journey and help yourself to your own recovery!!


• February 28th  2013 – a day never to forget (ironically!)

• “Fell” out of a taxi – driver got away with it!

• Recovery position “saved my life”

• GCS 3:15 ("death"!)

• In a coma

• In hospital

• Left after a few weeks

“Well, that was a nuisance”!

"Now to get on with my life"!...

Tim Richens is an articulate brain injury guest presenter that can bring your training day to life with first hand accounts of recovery, rehabilitation and life post brain injury in a factual yet light-hearted style. 

Tim has previously presented for Circle Case Management, Headway, ICU staff unit at a Taunton hospital and Yeovil Hospital. 

To arrange Tim to present at your event, conference or training day, please email Tim Richens direct on tim.richens@icloud.com

Visit Tim's website to find out more, click here. 

Posted on May 20th 2022

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