What is a Child Specialist Case Manager?

Injured child and specialist case manager

Child Specialist Case Manager…an overview

If a child or young adult suffers a life-changing injury, the consequences felt by both the affected party and their family can be catastrophic. Whether it’s trauma inflicted at birth through clinical negligence, or a devastating accident in later years, the impact can be prevalent throughout all aspects of a child’s life.

The core aims of a Child Specialist Case Manager are to assist the child or young person in maximising their potential and to work closely with the client's family or representative to achieve the best possible outcome—all the while providing a multidisciplinary base of support for the child over the course of their development and rehabilitation.

Fundamentally, a Child Specialist Case Manager needs a detailed knowledge of child development in order to support their young clients as they grow and transition into adulthood. As the needs, goals and aspirations of the client evolve, so too must the case manager adapt their approach to facilitate the highest level of care services.

Circle Case Management’s highly-qualified team of Child Specialist Case Managers work with a wide range of age groups; from infants, all the way through to higher education students. With years of experience in the field, our clients are guaranteed to receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout those critical developing years.

Achieving the best possible outcome

Our team of Child Specialist Case Managers foster a deep, professional understanding of our young clients and are highly-proficient in tackling the complex, ever-changing dynamics of each individual case. 

Indeed, a case manager must have the capability to promote a child's development and create an environment where the client can gain as much independence within their life as possible. 

Meanwhile, for older children, a detailed knowledge of the educational system is crucial in order for case managers to cater for the often intricate needs of an injured young client enrolled in school or higher education.

Case managers will act as an advocate for the young person and family working with all relevant parties, including the family, the litigation team, and professional and personal welfare bodies, to help them to achieve their goals.

Case manager and young client wearing headphones

The role of a Child Specialist Case Manager

The duties of a child specialist case manager are comprehensive and varied. Here a just some of the undertakings you might expect to encounter on any specific case:

  • Work closely with residential rehabilitation or medical facilities to ensure a safe and timely discharge to the child’s place of residents.

  • Find a care agency to work with the young client and their family to provide the best possible rehabilitation and support service.

  • Locate specialist paediatric therapists to facilitate the rehabilitation and medical needs of the client.

  • Research and assist in purchasing any specialist equipment, including a modified family vehicle if required.

  • Liaise with education facilities—including schools, colleges and universities—to ensure the environment is adequately designed to cater for the client’s specific needs and circumstances.

  • Continuously oversee and review all support services to make certain they are meeting the complex demands of the young client.

  • Formulate case management reports to inform all relevant parties of the client’s development.

A case manager will be required to make frequent visits to their client in the initial stages of rehabilitation, to better familiarise themselves with the individual components and demands of each case. 

They will continue to keep in regular contact via telephone, email or through personal appointment in order to keep abreast of the progress made by the client and any change in circumstances that might require action. 

A case manager will need to inform solicitors, therapists and medical professionals of a child’s development and give detailed accounts if a child’s situation has improved or deteriorated. 

Rest assured that a Circle Case Management Child Specialist Case Manager will continue to work with their clients as long as needed—with the express aim of achieving the best possible outcome for each individual child.

Case managers working with a child

How can we help?

If you’d like to speak to the team here at Circle Case Management, to discuss any of the issues covered in today’s blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whatever your circumstances or needs, we are here to help.

Posted on January 11th 2022

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