What is a Mental Capacity Assessor?

A Mental Capacity Assessor is a health professional that is able to formally assess a person's capacity to determine if they are capable of making decisions about their life such as personal care, property or finances.

Mental Capacity Assessors must be a fully qualified and registered Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, or another approved Mental Health Practitioner. They must hold at least 2 years of post-qualification experience before they can apply to train as a Mental Capacity Assessor.   

Why are Assessor's different professions?

Each assessment is unique as the person being assessed changes each time, this is why Circle Case Management have a range of professions within our MCA department. This gives us the ability to partner the correct assessor with the assessment, taking into consideration the person’s medical history and ailments, as well as any mental health conditions that will need to be considered during the assessment.

What Mental Capacity Assessments can Circle Case Management offer?

If you require a specific capacity assessment that is not on the list please contact the MCA department on mca@circlecm.com or by calling 0129724145 to discuss your requirements.

•  Property & Financial Affairs   •  Equity Release   •  Gifting   •  Litigation

•  Testamentary capacity   •  Lasting Powers of Attorney   •  Sexual Relations

•  Capacity to plead and stand trial   •  Health & Welfare Decisions

•  Medical treatment   •  Marriage   •  Use of internet & social media

occupational therapist Yvonne Spijkerman

How can we help?

Dr. Abi Cheeseman, Clinical Psychologist, leads the Mental Capacity Assessment service, available throughout the U.K.

Dr. Abi’s team offer a range of Mental Capacity Assessments and can complete COP3 documentation and provide full written reports of the assessment and outcome. We can also provide retrospective assessments of mental capacity.

To discuss your requirements please email MCA@circlecm.com or call 01297 24145.


Posted on November 3rd 2022

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