What is Case Management?

Case manager and client

Case Management...a definition

At its core, case management is a wholly collaborative process. Its key aims are to evaluate, plan, put forward, coordinate and moderate the options required to satisfy a client's health and human service needs. 

Effective case management relies heavily on support, communication, and excellent resource management, while promoting quality and cost-efficient interventions and solutions.

Here at Circle Case Management, our mission statement is clear. To offer exemplary case management services for individuals who have been affected by significant injuries and whose needs are often complex and multidimensional.

Case Management...a philosophy

Case management is a specialised practice within the health and human service sector. In order for any case management process to have been considered a success, the client will need to have reached their optimum level of wellness, self-care, and functional capacity in accordance with their post-injury physical and mental status.

There is a clearly-defined network of invested parties within the case management process: the client, their support and health care systems, care providers, and any employers or pay sources of the client in question. Effective case management takes into account all these elements—while recognising the primary objective of finding the best possible outcome for the affected individual.

There are several common features that go towards helping a client maximise their potential for wellness and self-management. Built around a structure of support, assessment, thorough planning, communication and education, a case manager will look to find the clearest path to a fulfilling post-injury life for their client.

Case Management...best practice

Case management services work best when there is a clear and open line of communication between the interested parties; the case manager, the client, the payer, the primary care provider, and other service delivery professionals. 

A case manager can further improve these services by ensuring that their client's privacy, confidentiality, health, and safety throughout the process adheres to all the legal and ethical standards.

It’s imperative that the case manager is equipped with all the necessary certification and training to best facilitate a case. Not only will this demonstrate that the case manager has all the appropriate education, skills, and experience to best serve their client, it also shows that they are following all the required principles of practice. 

At Circle Case Management, our business focuses on a number of core values to best facilitate a positive outcome for our clients:

Honesty, excellence, collaboration and creativity.

We work collectively, using a range of creative solutions, to help our clients achieve their goals. In simple terms, we strongly believe that by offering exceptional case management services, unequalled in terms of quality and value for money, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that their needs will be met and the opportunity for a positive future is within reach.

Circle Case Management team

What is a Case Manager?

A case manager is at the heart of any case management process. Their aims are to work diligently and proactively with the injured party, the legal professional and the insurance company—with the express intention of achieving the objectives of the client. 

A case manager’s role is to assess the health and social care needs of the affected individual and assist them in a range of fundamental areas. This might cover employment, accommodation, education—as well as the practical concerns of post-injury adaptation, including the sourcing of any equipment the client might require to acclimatize to their new circumstances.

Circle Case Management’s team of multi-award-winning case managers are passionate about their responsibilities of offering the highest quality client services. Hand-selected throughout England and Wales, each of our experienced, fully-qualified professionals approach each case with the same degree of care and determination—with the same key goal of providing a clear pathway of rehabilitation for their clients. From the start of the litigation process, to the settlement and beyond, our expert team offers the very best in case management services.

How can we help?

If you’d like to speak to the team here at Circle Case Management, to discuss any of the issues covered in today’s blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whatever your circumstances or needs, we are here for you.

Posted on November 29th 2021

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