What is the difference between working as an Expert witness and a Case Manager?

In personal injury and clinical negligence cases, the law of tort applies. Tort laws govern the rights of victims to pursue legal claims against tortfeasors.

When a victim is harmed or suffers damages, the victim can pursue a claim in civil court under tort laws. If the court finds the defendant liable under tort liability laws, the defendant is required to compensate the victim.

The case manager works with the injured person to facilitate and coordinate rehabilitation and care both during litigation and in some cases after the case settles.

As part of the litigation process the claimant and defendant lawyers need to compile a schedule of loss. The schedule of loss is made up of Expert reports which form part of the evidence for the case. These expert reports quantify the input required from each specific profession for the predicted lifetime of the injured person.

There are two main areas of difference in the work of a case manager and an expert. The first is that a case manager will normally only be preparing a report detailing what rehabilitation input is required for the following three or six months and how much that will cost to put in place. They will then be working closely with the injured person and their family on an ongoing basis.

Whereas, the Expert will visit the injured person once, to gain an understanding of there situation. They will then prepare a detailed report quantifying the input required from their profession, and cost of that input for the rest of the expected lifetime of the client. They will submit their report and unless required to produce an update or to attend court will not be involved in the case again.

Circle Case Management’s team of experts includes, occupational therapist, care experts, nurses, vocational rehabilitation specialists and speech and language therapists. 

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Posted on April 5th 2024

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