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Mental Capacity Assessor

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Health Care Professional and Case Manager

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Client recruitment: Enabler / Support Worker - Ely, Cambridgeshire.

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Client recruitment: Support Worker- 2 posts- Day Role and Night Role - Newquay.

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Female Personal Assistant vacancy - Taunton

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Client recruitment: Support Worker - Plymouth.

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Expert Witness FAQS

Thinking about becoming an Expert Witness with Circle CM? Here are a few frequently asked questions, that may help you to decide if joining our Expert Witness Panel is for you:

What is an Expert Witness? 

An expert witness prepares reports and gives evidence in court proceedings which are based upon their professional skills, knowledge and experience.  

Expert witnesses may be called to give their opinions in personal injury, medical negligence, breach of duty cases to name but a few.

Expert witnesses are independent.  They provide an objective, unbiased opinion on matters related to their area of expertise.

The medico-legal report they produce must be addressed to the court.

The expert must confirm their awareness of and compliance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and that they understand their duty to the court.

As an expert witness for Circle Case Management, you work with claimant and defendant solicitors who represent people who have suffered catastrophic injury.  The role of an expert witness is to:

• Evaluate documentation to form an opinion regarding clinical standards of care

• Identify liability either through clinical negligence or personal injury

• Assess quantum (the amount of damages awarded to the claimant) and provide a detailed report outlining your conclusions and recommendations within your specialist field

What can Circle Case Management offer you as an expert witness?

• A self-employed expert witness contract to allow you flexibility to undertake medico-legal work alongside your other work and commitments

• A competitive renumeration package which reflects your level of expertise

• Prompt payment of your invoices

• Marketing of you as an expert witness

• Mentoring

• Quality assurance support 

• Administrative support

What are Circle Case Management’s key requirements?

• A minimum of 10 years’ postgraduate experience in your field of expertise.

• Excellent spoken and written English skills

• An ability to write lengthy, detailed reports paying attention to detail

• A current driving licence or ability to travel via public transport with ease

• A dedicated office space with secure storage

• Access to a computer and telephone

• Ability to make decisions using the evidence base and clinical reasoning

• A willingness to keep up to date with the evidence

• You must have attended expert witness report writing training from a recognised training body such as Bond Solon or The Academy of Experts

If you would like to discuss this fantastic opportunity further, please email: to arrange an informal discussion with our service lead.

Case Manager FAQS

Thinking about becoming an Associate Case Manager with Circle CM? Here are a few frequently asked questions, that may help you to decide if freelance case management is for you:

Can I fit my hours around the family?

Our case managers often have family and the work does fit around family commitments, however, there needs to be a degree of flexibility both ways as some clients can only be available to see a case manager after school hours.

How much will I be paid and how?

As an associate case manager, you will be paid £45 per hour for all your chargeable work, plus £45ph for travel. You will invoice us each month based on chargeable hours that you log on to our clinical notes system and we will pay you within 21 days of invoice. You are responsible for all tax, NI etc you are self-employed and as such it’s important that we are not considered to be your only job, you therefore must make sure that you are fully compliant with HMRC IR35 rules. If you are in any doubt about this, please seek independent advice from your accountant.

How far will I have to travel to clients?

Normally we try to limit travel to a maximum of 2 hours from home however there may be occasions when a case manager is appropriate for a client that is a bit further away.

Where do I work?

We are based in Seaton East Devon but most of our case managers work from home.

I am worried about remote working; will I be supported?

We absolutely pride ourselves on the support we provide, we never want you to feel out of your depth or not supported. We will support you 100% every step of the way.

I want to work part-time, is that an option?

Most of our case managers are part-time, but you will need to have a minimum of 3 days a week available for CM work as clients and solicitors can get very frustrated if they cannot contact you.

Normally we try to limit travel to a maximum of 2 hours from home however there may be occasions when a case manager is appropriate for a client that is a bit further away.

Do you offer a pension and annual leave?

As an associate case manager, you are responsible for your own pension, tax, NI etc.

How do I keep my notes?

We have a cloud-based computer system which is used to capture all clinical notes. Once you get your first client, you will be given a log-in and you will be able to access on-line video training which will show you how to use this system from our training library.

Do you supply IT or phones?

As a self-employed associate, you must supply your own computer and phone to comply with HMRC rules. However, we do have an app that you can download to make and receive work calls through the internet.

Do you pay mileage and travel time?

Yes, based on what you log on our chargeable notes system, if you are traveling to and from a client, then the time and mileage is recorded and you can invoice us at £45 per hour travel and 40p per mile.

How can I keep my therapy skills up to date?

We often have small pieces of OT or PT work that come in, and we are more than happy to offer that to our case managers.

What support will I have in this role?

At Circle we pride ourselves on being a small supportive company, we have a team manager who sees everyone at least once every 8 weeks, clinical directors who you will see initially very frequently and then as you become more experienced every 8 weeks. We hold whole team days and regular remote supervision and peer support sessions via video.

What training do you provide?

We pride ourselves on training and support, we have a dedicated team manager who is available via video and will help you to integrate within our team. We also have a library of training videos which you can access, these will help to train you in the world of case management and litigation. You will also have access to a clinical supervisor via video when needed.

Do you provide admin support?

We have secretaries, case management assistants, HR and office admin support based at our head office in Seaton.

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